Hospital politics?

Do hospitals make breast feeding a priority?

Thinking back on the birth of my first child, I recall there being PLENTY of formula available (pre-mixed, even!) for me to use. In fact, I left with a booklet from a well known formula supplier that I was to use to track my baby’s milestones, vaccines etc. And come to think of it, a really nice baby bag with even more formula and the supplier’s brand name stitched into the side.

If I wasn’t savvy, I could’ve become a walking talking advertisement for formula feeding. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But a LOT of women WANT to breast feed. From the very first moment. For a lot of us, if we aren’t very knowledgeable, we aren’t sure what to do when the baby doesn’t latch on, or when our milk doesn’t come in immediately. Good thing that formula supplier is right there in the room with us… right?

When I leave the dentist’s office, I can tell which toothpaste, toothbrush and floss company is paying them just by looking in the little baggie they give me (and at the advertisement on the outside of the bag). Am I loyal to my toothpaste? Well… it IS free … so if it’s a brand I don’t normally use, I might be inclined to give it a try. No harm no foul…

With formula though, it’s not that easy. Studies have shown that those who intend to breast feed, but don’t get support from their hospitals, may start with the free formula, thinking they can always try breast feeding later. And don’t. Or have a much harder time, because baby has gotten used to the bottle.
Take a look at this article and tell me what you think. What kind of support do you remember getting in the hospital when you had your baby?

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