The Swaddle!

People have been swaddling their babies almost since the beginning of time. We certainly can read about a certain someone being wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger…and while that wasn’t written at the beginning of time, it certainly was a long long time ago.
So, it’s fair to say this is something that is a long time thing. I have 2 kids. The first did extremely well swaddled like a little baby burrito for the first few months of her life. The 2nd, not to be outdone, decided that swaddling just was not going to be her thing.
Something about wanting her feet free to kick and thrash about. But she’d stay sleeping so who was I to stifle her? The great thing about Shugabebe products, is that we carry a product that both my daughters could use in those first few months. A swaddling blanket(that also serves as a nursing blanket) and a bodysuit with the option to swaddle the arms only! If your kids are opposites like mine, you have a one stop shop here!
How long did you swaddle your child?

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