Baby Essentials: O-3 Months

For the first couple months your little one is just that a little one. They don’t do much, they don’t move or require too many toys to occupy their time. Here are the 5 top things that we recommend moms have on hand for the first three months.


1. Good Nursing Pillow
     If you are choosing the breastfeeding route, you will definitely want to invest in a good nursing pillow. The first couple months can be very difficult getting the routine of breastfeeding down for you and baby. You will be breastfeeding what feels like all the time. You will want/need to be comfortable and you won’t want to spend 15 minutes trying to get comfortable every time you nurse. Definitely spend the money on a good nursing pillow that will allow you to get comfortable in seconds. We of course love our Shuga Bebe nursing pillow. We were the first nursing pillow designed to be just that, a nursing pillow. No propping or messing with other pillows to get yourself or your baby comfortable while nursing. Just plop down wherever you want and the pillow does the rest of the work.


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2. Play Mat/Activity Gym
     The first couple months your little one won’t be doing much. They will nap a lot and want to be in your arms a lot. During their wake times it is good to get some “activity” time in. Activity gyms are perfect for that. They provide a comfortable place to lay them down and your little one will be entertained by the toys dangling down. Those toys are good for when your little one starts swatting and trying to grab at things, usually sometime in the second month. Play mats are also good for tummy time. You will get a lot of use out of a play mat and activity gym the beginning of your little one’s life. So until they are on the move, the play mat will be used a lot!


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3. A swing/rocker
     Since the first couple months your little one is pretty stationary it is very good to find a rocker of some sort that they like and you will be able to put them down in and get some things down. You won’t know which your baby prefers, some like the vibrations or swings. I personally had the 4moms Momaroo and a Fisher Price vibrating rocker and my little one preferred the vibrating seat. And we used it a lot!


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4. Swaddle Blankets
     If you are choosing to swaddle your little one you will need to stock up on swaddles. Everyone has different ideas on swaddling, but if you are going to swaddle it is most necessary for the first 3-4 months. The theory goes something like this, your baby was so snug and cozy in your womb that when they are swaddled it brings them back to that comfort and they get better rest. Also, swaddling is good because babies tend to get little twitches that startle them and cause them to wake up. If your little one is swaddled nice and tight it prevents those twitches from waking them up. My favorite swaddling technique was to use a light weight blanket (I would bat wing swaddle) and then I would use the SwaddleMe swaddles (they are the ones with velcro on them) over top the light weight blanket to secure him in his swaddle.




5. Wubanub
     This was a favorite of ours. If your little one is into the pacifier/binky the Wubanub will be a life saver for you. What I loved most about it was that the animal attached to the pacifier acted as a sort of weight helping it stay in your baby’s mouth. For the first couple months your little one doesn’t have the best grip or ability to grab onto things. Since the Wubanub is nice an bulky it stays in place. Also, your little one will grow a tiny bit attached to the animal and will like to cuddle with it the older they get.


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