Sunshine and Summertime

It’s that time of year when Mommas finally get to open up the doors and let their wild little animals out! As refreshing as it is, it can also be challenging to find creative and entertaining things for your little one to do outside. Here are some of our favorite go-to fun activities outside.


1. Water and Sand Tables

These tables are an awesome way for toddlers to use their little minds outside! There are tons of different options for tables to buy. Some tables have just water and some are combined sand and water. Price ranges anywhere from $30 to a couple hundred depending on the brand and type. The tables are easy to place in your yard or deck and they do not take up much space. Also, for any lawn conscious folks out there they sit off the ground and won’t kill your grass like traditional sand boxes. As for the perks for your child, water tables are perfect for sensory play, improving fine motor skills, and learning to share.

We purchased our table from the Land of Nod and then bought the extra play toys off of Amazon. As you can see we are much more interested in the water side, than the sand side…


2. Inflatable Pools

Another great gadget for some fun outside is inflatable (or plastic) pools. These are not only convenient, but relatively inexpensive! You can find plastic pools for as cheap as $10 and those will not take any work other than filling up with water. Inflatable pools come with a little extra work since you have to blow them up, but they have some really neat options out there and are not overly expensive. There are inflatable pools with slides and other activities for under $40. Of course the more gadgets the price will increase. Little pools are also a perfect way to cool off in the summer heat!

We purchased our submarine pool from Pottery Barn Kids. There is a hose attatchment where water will squirt out of the center for added fun!


3. Bike Strollers

These strollers are so much fun and are perfect if you are a family that likes to go for walks. The bike stroller takes your ordinary walks to a whole new dimension. Now your little one can feel like he/she is in charge! The bike itself takes a little concentration and hours to put together, but the directions are very straight forward and not too difficult. It is also very light weight making it easy to transport places. We sometimes like to bring this stroller with us places to make outings more entertaining for our little guy.

We purchased the Radio Flyer bike for about $80. It transitions all the way to a tricycle, so for the short investment you get three maybe even four good years out of using it. He hasn’t figured out how to pedal yet, but loves turning the handles to change directions! We have ended up in bushes a couple times…


4. The Park

Parks are all around perfect. No matter where you are, your town has to have a park (don’t quote me on that). Take some time to look up parks in your surrounding area and I bet you will find a couple that will be worth going to. Not only are parks free, but they usually come with a bunch of other children giving your little one some much needed time to socialize!

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