With the birth of my fourth child, I, like many nursing mothers, purchased the traditional nursing pillow to make breastfeeding easier and comfortable. I soon found that the design of the nursing pillows on the market had some major flaws… For starters, they weren’t at the proper height, so I still found myself having to hold my son’s head up in order to get him to a comfortable position for proper latching. Additionally, there was absolutely no elbow or arm support, so I was constantly shoving my bed pillows under my arm; and believe me, this was not an enjoyable or easy feat at the wee hours of the morning. Not only was he incorrectly positioned, but wrapping a bulky nursing pillow around me at every feeding was extremely annoying. Not to mention the positioning of the nursing pillow made his already troublesome reflux even worse. On another note, an enormous doughnut in the middle of the bed was not exactly complimentary to my decor either!

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the nursing pillow was put away. I then resorted to the oh so fun task of stuffing pillows under my arms in order to get in a comfortable position, which of course was less than perfect. I was then determined to find a solution to my problem. My vision was transferred to paper. I then pulled out the sewing machine that had not seen the light of day in 7 years. Not to mention, it had only been used once. After several attempts and several design revisions, I finally said PERFECT! I then realized that if I had this problem, other mothers must too. I made a few nursing pillows, and I took them to a local breastfeeding group to get feedback; I received rave reviews.

I knew then that I was onto something great!

That is how Shuga Bebé Couture™ was born!